Bylaws 2016

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Bylaws 2016

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MCS Bylaws
Byelaws subject to ratification at the Annual General Meeting
Each committee member and advisor shall nominate a willing deputy to learn, delegate tasks to, assist in the role and provide direction when the committee member or advisor is absent. The deputy is not empowered to make decisions unless explicitly directed. Ideally this should be someone different each year.
Both committee and advisers should be voted in each year by the members.

Committee Positions
Shall be responsible for the running of the Society and making sure that members holding positions are doing what is required. The post holder is responsible for arranging social events and banquets etc. The committee will take over the President’s responsibilities if the President is unable to do them for longer than one month until an EGM can be arranged. The President can make proposals. The President’s vote shall only be used as a casting vote.
Shall be responsible for dealing with correspondence, keep minutes of Society meetings, co-ordinate Society publicity and so on in conjunction with the various office holders. The post holder will be responsible for keeping all the Society paperwork up to date and safe, keeping a record of all current, old and prospective members and keeping members informed of happenings in the Society. Prospective members shall be contacted as soon as possible and encouraged to join. The postholder will investigate means of acquiring new members The secretary shall be responsible for any health information, and be able to provide this information upon request to paramedics etc.
Shall be responsible for keeping accurate accounts and looking after the bank account(s). The postholder shall be responsible for the proper administration of Society finances and shall present audited accounts at the AGM. The Treasurer shall be responsible for auditing all items of equipment purchased by the Society. The Treasurer shall be responsible for making sure that all insurances etc are negotiated to the advantage of the Society and are up to date at all times. Other tasks may include ensuring that the training hall is booked and paid for and the Society van is kept legal.
Bookings Officer.
Shall be responsible for negotiating tournament fees on behalf of the Society and shall be responsible for arranging the shows to the benefit of the Society. The postholder shall be responsible for replying to any requests as soon as possible, and investigating ways of getting bookings and so on. The postholder shall work in conjunction with the Tournament Director to provide what the contractor requires within the Society limitations. Members shall be informed as soon as possible about the details of the shows.

Advisers Positions:
Shall consist of Combat Master, Archery Master, Dance Master, Tournament Director, Costume Master and Publicity Master.
Combat Master.
Shall be responsible for making sure members are correctly and safely trained and have the appropriate equipment. The postholder shall approve all weapons and armour for safety and authenticity and ensure that all Society equipment is kept to a high standard and is safe to use. Other tasks shall be to check that members' personal equipment is of a good and safe standard and to work with the Bookings Officer and Tournament Director to produce the show that the contractor requires and every one is kept safe.
In the event of the Combat Master not being present, decisions concerning fight training / arranging will fall to the designated deputy, then the most senior Knight present, then the majority of Committee members present at the event. The Combat Master shall be responsible for Heraldry and shall approve all designs for suitability for the period and rules of heraldry. The Combat Master shall have the final decision as to a member’s suitability to take part in a tournament.
Archery Master
Shall be responsible for making sure members are correctly and safely trained and have the correct equipment, that all Society equipment is kept to a high standard of repair and is safe to use.The postholder shall work with the Bookings Officer and Tournament Director to produce the show the contractor requires. The Archery Master shall have the final decision as to a member’s suitability to take part in the archery display at shows.
Dance Master:
Shall be responsible for ensuring that members are correctly and safely trained and that the Society has the correct music at all times. The postholder shall ensure that the dance commentary is to a high standard and shall work with the Bookings Officer and Tournament Director to produce the show the contractor requires.
Tournament Director:
Shall work with the Bookings Officer to ensure that the members know what is expected from them at shows and help and encourage members to do their best. The postholder shall make sure members are ready on time, that the encampment looks correct and it is safe at all times. Other tasks shall include: working with the Bookings Officer and Combat, Archery and Dance masters to produce the show the contractor require and that everyone is safe at all times.
The Tournament Director shall create a tournament team, consisting of the Tournament Director and other members as required to keep up to date with current public performance requirements and ensure the Society is legal at all times.
Costume Master:
Shall work with members on their clothing to produce the correct garments for the character thatthey wish to portray. The postholder shall also help and advise on the depiction of the Society, and work with the Secretary to provide loan garments for prospective members to use at shows.
Publicity Master:
Shall look after the website(s) and take care of the Society's socail media, such as Facebook, Twitter, You Tube, Instagram etc. The postholder shall aim to promote the Society in terms of new member and booking acquisition, and shall work with the Secretary and Tournament Director on promotional materials for shows and so on.
The term 'year' in the official documents refers to the period between AGMs, not to the calender year.
A) The membership of any person who has not paid their subscription within 3 months of the AGM will be considered to have lapsed and that person will not be eligible take part in MCS events or make use of any other privilege of membership, unless the committee has agreed beforehand.
B) Lapsed memberships may be renewed at any time before the next AGM by the payment of the appropriate subscription. All rights of membership previously held will then be restored at the next AGM,
C) Any person who has not paid the appropriate subscription by the end of the AGM in the year following that in which it was due shall be deemed to have left the Society.
If the committee decides that there are enough funds to allow the following, then:
Food at shows - it will be to a maximum of £50 for one day shows. Two days will consist of one cooked and one as one day shows to a maximum of £100.
Anyone volunteering to provide the food on the day must get permission from the President beforehand.

Banquets –The ticket price of the banquet should be supported by the Society as a thank you to the members for a year well done; non members tickets will not be subsidised. The amount supplied shall be worked out from the profit made in the year's income prior to the AGM.

Refund of membership - for a refund of annual membership payment the following must be true: A member must have attended half the shows of the previous year plus one.Two day shows will count as two shows for this purpose. Membership for the current year must be paid before the previous year's membership fees can be refunded.
Multi bashes etc – To attend a multibash such as Tewkesbury, members must have attended at least 3 contracted events that year before being allowed to attend multi society events which are covered by the Society's Pubic Liability Insurance, with the exception of those members who are in the first year of tenureship with the group; their attendance shall be at the discretion of the Committee. Other exceptions will be considered by the Committee on an individual basis.
Insurance - The Society’s insurance may, at the discretion of the Committee, be used by members to attend non Society events, so long as a formal written invitation has been received by the group to attend the event and the event does not clash with a Society show or event.
Payments - Members of the Society will not be paid by the Society for attendance at events or participation in such activities as film work due to the problems with regards to taxation as per UK Law. Members will be paid directly by the company involved. If the Society insurance is required this will be subject to the committee's discretion if it is deemed to be in the best interests of the Society.
A) Members shall not fight with equipment likely to prejudice safety.
B) Members shall always wear approved head and hand protection in combat situations.
C) Members shall behave in a responsible manner during tournaments and practice sessions
D) Any member taking prescribed medicine must notify the tournament director before taking part in a tournament and will be registered as taking such.
E) Open fires must always have someone in attendance at all times and water or sand must be at hand to put out any fire at all times.
F) It is the responsibility of all members to make sure the Society is safe at all times and report or put right anything that might be unsafe.

It is recommended that before any member of the Society embarks on any activity involving the Society that they will seek the guidance of the Committee and talk to the relevent advisers.
If a member has a grievance connected with the Society they should take the matter up with any member of the Committee.
No member should do or say anything prejudicial outside of the Society as it may affect their membership.
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