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Joining the MCS

To join the Medieval Combat Society email


Who Can Join?

The MCS welcomes all to join and become medieval reenactors. Members come from all walks of life and have a variety of roles, from Knights and Squires to Lords and Ladies of the court, monks, wenches and peasants. It is all about having fun, safely for all the family, and you choose how often you want to attend.

When Are Events?

Events mainly occur throughout the summer at weekends (see the events list), with training days during the winter months. Members and the society also often attend various multi group events throughout the year.

Where Are Events?

Generally we perform as far north as Nottingham, as far west as Wales, and as far south as the coast and as far East as Norfolk. We have occasionally ventured further including trips abroad.

Click here for a map of past events

Medieval Dancing



Where Are You based?

Members come from all over the Southern UK, with members in Bedfordshire, Essex, Gloucestershire, Hampshire, Hertfordshire, London, Somerset, Surrey, Sussex, and Wiltshire

If unsure contact us as we can try to put you in touch with closer groups.

Where Do you Train?

We try to train whenever we meet up. This may be at shows, events organised by members. We also have regular training sessions every other weekend during the off season, in Kingston Upon Thames. For dates see the events list.


The Medieval Combat Society provide Public Liability Insurance, if you require accident insurance, or loss if earnings insurance you are advised to provide your own insurance.

How Much Does It cost?

Membership fees are set at the AGM, but are currently around £15 for adult members and £20 for families. For insurance purposes to take part in events, participants must be fully paid up members. Individual members must be at lease 18 years of age or be a member with their parent or guardian.

What is the difference between a probationary member and a full member?

New members start as probationary members and and are voted in at the society AGM after spending 1 full year (AGM to AGM) in the society. Probationary members do not have voting rights at the AGM.

Is attending events Compulsory?

No, you can attend as many or as few events as you wish.


Knight carried off

New members may also wish to look at the following documents:

MCS Constitution and Byelaws

Child Protection Guidelines

Group Transport Policy

MCS Safety Rules for Show Activities, this now supercedes the follwing documents: Fight Safety Rules, Archery Safety Rules, Gunnery Safety Rules,


Archery Line

What Kit is needed?

Just turn up, normally kit can be borrowed, join in, and over time acquire your kit with the help of members. Many events are camping weekends so if staying for the whole show some simple camping equipment such as a tent (caravan?), sleeping bag, cooking gear and wet weather gear may be required. Generally do NOT buy anything until you have spoken to a few members first. Men wear hose (trousers), shirt, hat and shoes. Women wear a kirtle (similar to a cotton nightie) and an over dress, head wear such as wimple, hairnet and shoes. For combat a helm and gauntlets are a must, a padded jack is very useful, then a sword. If in any doubt then please do ask.


Staying in touch?

There is a Forum and newsletters are sent by email or post to members to hear about shows and events, or contact us and we can update you on what we are doing. Data held on members is used only for the running of the society, to get in touch, and for emergency purposes. A contact list is distributed amongst members who opt in.

Searching for hidden weapons


Medieavl Man


Are there licenses for carrying weapons?

There are no licenses, but members should only be carrying or using weapons for the purposes of reenactment.

Is It Safe?

The MCS have a very good safety record for Medieval Renactments and enforce a strict no helm or gauntlets, no fight rule. The combat looks dangerous, but squires spend a great deal of time training in full contact non choreographed combat before reaching knighthood.





I do not want to fight, can I still join?

Yes, there are many roles within the Medieval Combat Society from King and Queen to Page and 'Water Wench'. The society has archers, dancers, Medieval Musicians, Ladies in Waiting, priests and monks, Noblemen and Ladies of the Court, Herald, Squires, Medieval Cooks. If you have an idea for a medieval role you can probably play it, anyone fancy being a Jester?. There are also other opportunities such as photographers, video recording, or people who just want to watch and take part in Medieval Banquets and visit historical places.

Can I become a knight?

New members start off as squires and are trained to be have a good attack and defence in full contact combat. When a squire is ready and selected by the knights of the society, he or she goes through an initiation ceremony before obtaining their right to wear their heraldry.

What Combat System do you Use?

Knights fight using a system that has been developed over a large number of years that is above all safe, highly enjoyable, yet still entertaining for the public to watch. The fight style has been termed FAST - Fast Accurate Safe Technique. Many of the members also take part in Full Contact Tournaments which use the same fight style.



Any More Questions?

Please do get in touch and we will be more than happy to answer any queries you have.

For more details email


Medieval Lords and Ladies Dancing


Knights Guard the gate at Cosmeston

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