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Wingfield, St Andrew

Wingfield St Andrews

Wingfield Church St Andrews Interior

Location: Church Road, Wingfield, Suffolk



Opening Information:


John Wingfield founded the church and college on the site of an older church in 1362. The font is dated from about 1405.



Sir John de Wingfield, died 1361 from the Black Death. Originally the monument was in the Chantry Chapel, which is now the vestry. The effigy of stone used to be painted red with gold knee and elbow pieces, the surcoat greaves and helmet silver. On the red thigh pieces were golden spots placed at regular intervals, probably represented studs. John had one child who married Michael de la Pole, who became the 1st Earl of Suffolk. His wife was Alianore de Glanville.

John Wingfield 1361


Michael de la Pole, died 1415, and his wife Catherine, daughter of the Earl of Stafford. Wood Effigy.

Michael de la Pole 1415




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