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Westley Waterless, St Mary the Less

Westley WaterlessWesterley Waterless

Westley Waterless Church

Location: Westley Waterless, Norfolk



Opening Information:


The Chancel is early 13th Century, the south aisle late 13th Century, the font is also 13th Century and the Nave 14th Century.


1297 Warin de Pemles

1310/11 Thomas de Foxton

1349 John de Stanton

1375/7/9 Richard Wycumbe

1384 Nicolas Balsham

1393 Alan Boys

1400 William Mayond



Sir John de Creke, died 1325 and Alyne de Creke. The brass is believed to have been made by Walter le Mason and bears a craftsmans mark, and was found to be an original brass rather than made from reused materials. It is the earliest brass in England to show a knight together with his wife. The brass shows John wearing a Cyclass being curtailed at the front, and over a hawberk and hacqueton. John wears a fluted bascinet. Alyne from the family of Clopton or Chamberlyn was the first wife of John, his second wife being Joan or Joanna Breton, a widow, her maiden name was Scherewynd, Joan survived John by several years. John was made an assesor and collector, and knighted in 1306. John served as the Sheriff of Cambridgeshire and Huntingdonshire from 1308-1314. In 1310 John was made one of the justices for the trial of the breakers of the peace. In 1311 John was given custody of the lands of Walter de Langton, Bishop of Lichfield, who had fallen from favour. In 1313 John together with Bartholomew Baddlesmere and Stephen de la More were tasked with taking charge of Bristol town and holding it in safe keeping. On 22 November 1317 John was ordered as one of the Justices to suppress illegal meetings against Edward II. In 1320 John was give custody of the castle at Cambridge. On 6th October 1320 John was present as a knight of the shire at Parliament. John was summoned for military service in June 1322 but gave 'infirmity due to age' as a reson for not being able to attend. On 23 Februry 1324 John was at Parliament in Westminster and was on the 9th May 1324 summoned to the great council to be held at Westminster on 30 May 1324. In 1324 John was appointed among others to take precautions against attacks by the French. John was also part of a commission to seize for the Bishops, the estates of any alien religious groups.

John de Creke 1325


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