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Swine in Holderness, St Mary the Virgin

Swine in Holderness St Mary the Virgin

Swine in Holderness Church St Mary the Virgin Interior

Location: Main Street, Swine, Yorkshire



Opening Information:


There may have been a Saxon church at Swine and there is evidence that by the 8th Century a church existed there. Robert de Verli founded a Cistercian Priory in Holderness in the reign of King Stephen (1135-1154) and was dedicated to the Blessed Virgin Mary. In 1086 the Domesday Book mentions a priest, so it is likely a chuch was also present.



Robert Hiltons died 1372, and wife

Robert Hiltons and wife 1372


Robert Hiltons 1363 and wife

Robert Hiltons and wife 1393


Knight 1400

Kinight 1400

Robert Hiltons died 1410 and Constance Hiltons

Robert and Constance Hiltons 1410



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