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Stowe Nine Churches, St Michaels

Stowe Nine Churches

Stowe Nine Churches Church Interior

Location: Main Street, Stowe Nine Churches, Northamptonshire



Opening Information: Locked, obtain key from keyholders listed in porch.

History: The original location is thought to have been a local cult of St Alnoth and St Werburgh which grew in the 8th Century. The church is built on the top of a hill in the Saxon period and was originally dedicated to St Ninian and then the dedication was changed to St Peter and St Paul. In 1086 Gilbert de Gaunt, nephew to William the conqueror was lord of Stowe, and during the reign of Henry II, John de Armenters held land in Stowe and was succeeded by his brother Henry de Armenters, who was great great grandfather to John and his sister Alice. Alice married Gerard de Lisle (died 1287), whose effigy is in the church, and later Nicholas de Seagrave. During the Medieval age the parish was known as Stowe. Warrien de Lisle followed Nicholas Seagrave who fought against Edward II at the battle of Boroughbridge in 1321 and was executed a week later at Pontefract. Warriens widow and son Gerard were exiled and the Manor taken by Edward II. In 1326 the Manor was granted to Gilbert de Middleton, Archdeacon of Northampton. Edward III restored the Manor to Gerard de l'Isle 1327, Gerard died in 1360 (Note: this Gerard is often incorrectly attributed as being the tomb in the church, which is in fact his grandfathers, Gerard de l'Isle). In 1560 the church was rededicted to St Michael.


1300 Stephen de Seagrave

1318 Roger de Sutton, Priest

1321 Robert Joste, Priest

1324 Roger de Keynes (also Rector of Grafton Underwood)

1352 John Newenham

1355 Peter de Vycleston

1360 Robert Payn of Grendon (also Rector of Kislingbury)

1361 Henry de Humberston

1366 Richard de Scaptoft

1368 Sir William de la Dale

John de Plowfeld exchanged for Rectory of Byfield with;

1372 William de Gresley (Grysley)

1372 Robert Holeway (also Rector of Syresham)

1372 Henry de Botheby

1383 Philip Wen

1386 Henry Wakerle



Gerard de l'Isle, died 1287, married on or before 1271 Alice de Armenters, daughter of Henry de Armenters, died after 1290.
Gerard de Lisle 1287



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