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Howden Minster, St Peter and St Paul

Howden Minster St Peter and St Paul

Howden Minster St Peter and St Paul Interior

Location: Howden, Yorkshire



Opening Information:


A chrch has existed at Howden since around 900, in 1228 work began on a new church. During the 14th and 15th Centuries pilgrims came to visit the Shrine of St John of Howden to whom several miracles were attributed to.



John of Howden, born about 1215 in or near London, died Autumn 1275. Prebendary of Howden soon after 1265, 1268 kings clerk in service to Eleanor of Provence. John began the building of a new quire. John prophesied that what he failed to complete in life he would complete in death. Sonn after his death miracles were reported and the church became a place of pilgrimage, with offerings financing the building of the Nave. His tomb was visited by Edward I, Edward II and Henry V. John was never canonized, but was revered as a saint, with his feast day as 2nd May.

John of Howden 1275


John and Sybl Metham 1312. The effigy is under a 14th Century recess and have probably been moved from a tomb chest in the middle of the chapel.

John and Sybl Metham 1312

Eluard Saltmarshe, died 1322

Eluard Saltmarshe 1322



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