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Hinton in the Hedges, Holy Trinity

Hinton in the Hedges Holy TrinityHinton in the hedges church Holy Trinity Interior

Location: Hinton in the Hedges, Northamptonshire



Opening Information:


Early parts of the church are from the 11th Century and the tower is from the 12th Century. The chancel is from the 13th century. Later restorations were carried out in the 19th Century and 20th Century. The font is 12-13th Century.


1287 William Burdon

1314 Thomas de Hinton

1347 John Hals

1361 William de Hampton

1388 Walter Maynard

1391 John Sisetor

1393 Thomas Capon

1394 Lord Fowster


William de Hinton, born 1284 died 1346. William wears a Cyclas, a form of surcoat and a heater shield on his left arm, the remains of a misericord on his right side and a sword on his left side.

William de Hinton 1346

Wife of William de Hinton

wife of William de Hinton

Brasses: None


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