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Hawton, All Saints

Hawton All Saints

Hawton All Saints Church Interior

Location: Hawton, Nottinghamshire, England



Opening Information: Locked. Obtain key from keyholder.


The nave and aisle walls were constructed in the 13th Century. The Chancel was built around 1320 by Robert de Compton. The Easter Sepulchre in the church is said to be the finest in the world. The tower and celestory were built by Thomas Molineux of Sefton and Hawton who died in 1491.



Robert de Compton, 1320. Located on the north side of the Chancel. The effigy has probably been moved here from another location, possibly having its feet removed to make it fit. The head rests on two pillows unusually one upon the other unlike many others which has one rotated by 45 degrees. The coif is fastened by a fillet and hangs over the surcoat. The hauberk is slit up the front and the quilted folds of the gambeson can be seen beneath it. The Knee caps are plain. The sword has straight quillons and has a sword belt with interlocking thongs and sennit-knot. The shield heraldry is sable 3 heaumes. The shield has a guige and held to the left arm by an enarm. 3 successive knights held Hawton, the second dying in 1308 and the 3rd living in 1331. It is thought that Roberts Son may have made the effify for his father sometime between 1315 and 1330, possibly 1320.

Robert de Compton 1320

Brasses: None


Easter Sepulchre

Easter Sepulchre





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