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Harpham, St John of Beverley

Harpham St John of Beverley

Harpham Church St John of Beverley Interior

Location: Harpham, Yorkshire



Opening Information:


Harpham was the birthplace of St John of Beverley and the church is dedicated to him. In 1374 the St Quentin family were given a license to crenellate the belfry of the church when they carried out renovations.



William de St Quintin, died 1349, incised slab of alabaster, with quatrefoils flanking a crucifix.

William de St Quintin 1349


Wife of William de St Quintin

Wife of William de St Quintin


Lady 1360-70



Sir Thomas de St Quintin died 1418 and wife

Sir Thomas and wife de St Quintin 1418

Thomas de Saint Quentin, died 1445

Thomas de Saint Quentin 1445


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