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Hanbury, St Werburgh

Hanbury St Werburgh Church

Church of St Werburgh Hanbury

Location: Church Lane, Hanbury, Staffordshire



Opening Information:


In the year 680, the Saxon princess, St Werburgh, became abbess of a nunnery founded at Hanbury by her brother Ethelred, King of Mercia. St Werburgh died in 706 AD and was originally buried at Hanbury in Staffordshire. The church at Hanbury became a place of pilgimage. However, in the early 900s the Vikings were attacking, so the relics were brought to Chester in 875 in order to protect them from the marauding Danes. The parish church, St Werburgh, was a rectory attached to the nunnery. In the early 14th Century the church was largely rebuilt with the celestorys being added in the late 15th century. The tower and south aisle were rebuilt in 1824.


1297 William Newporte

William de Hanbury

1305 William de Newporte

William de Belem

1313 William de Bardelays

Richard Papamer

Richard de Melbourne

1363 John Cheyne

William Ulf

1409 Henry Rumworth


13th century coffin lid of a man and a woman possibly Henry de Hanbury and his wife. In the year 1270, Henry de Hanbury married Isabel, daughter of Henry of Houndhill. They were buried at Hanbury, a memorial, now lost but was formerly in the church, bore the words "Orate pro animabus Henrici Hanbury mil & Issabel ux ejus."

possibly Henry de Hanbury and Isabel Houndhill

Sir John de Hanbury, at the east end of the south aisle, who is said to have died in 1303. Hanbury was not a knight's fee before 1300 and only after this date is the family de Hanbury well known and then usually associated with the name Henry, never John.

Sir John de Hanbury 1303

Altar tomb of the Adderley family. The top shows the figures of Ralph Adderley (d 1595) married 1:Margaret, daughter of Thomas Bagot of Blithfield, married 2: Philot, daughter of Robert Milward of Eaton, Derbyshire. Around the sides off the tomb are carved their children The figures show whether they died as children or lived to be bearded men.

Ralph Adderley 1595 Margare Bagot Philot MilwardRalph Adderley Nargaret Bagot Philot Milward

Sir Charles Egerton Axe Bearer in the Forest of Needwood (d 1624) bore arms "Gules, a fess between 3 pheons heads Argent and on a Canton Or, a sinister hand Sable holding a broken sword". His head is covered with fine flowing hair and beard and at his feet is a pair of gauntlets. Charles was a great campaigner in Elizabeth's Irish Wars, succeeding the Earl of Essex in the command of the armies, and also served James I.

Sir Charles Egerton 1624

Katherine Agard who (b 1562, d 1628) and daughter, Ann Woollocke who (b 1686, d 1657) these busts wearing black broad brimmed steeple hats, white ruffs and black gowns are unusual as the Puritans despised statues as imagery, so such statues are rare.

Katherine Agard 1628 and Anne Woolcocke 1657

Sir John Egerton (d 1662) son of Sir Charles. John wears a Spanish style dress with flowing hair and long boots which indicate that he supported the Royalist cause. Legend says that when he died he had wanted to be buried in the chancel, but his sister Mary was so appalled at the thought of his lying under the gaze of those Puritan ladies that she had him buried in the north aisle instead.

Sir John Egerton 1662




Under the timber cover in the chancel steps is the brass figure of a 15th century priest in cassock, surplice, almace and cope. This is thought to be Sir John Cheyne, Rector of Hanbury 1363 who was also Prebendary of Lichfield Cathedral and Chancellor to John of Gaunt at Tutbury Castle. A brass inscription describing the figure has disappeared, along with another showing a pilgrim's staff inlaid with brass.

No Picture Available

Saxon Cross

Saxon Cross

The murals on the walls of the chancel and sanctuary show scenes from the life of Christ. They were painted in 1889

scenes from the life of Christ 1889 scenes from the life of Christ 1889

scenes from the life of Christ 1889 scenes from the life of Christ 1889

scenes from the life of Christ 1889 scenes from the life of Christ 1889

scenes from the life of Christ 1889 scenes from the life of Christ 1889

scenes from the life of Christ 1889 scenes from the life of Christ 1889

scenes from the life of Christ 1889

scenes from the life of Christ 1889


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