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Halstead, St Andrew

Halstead Church of St Andrews

Halstead St Andrews Church


Location: Parsonage Street, Halstead



Opening Information:


The church was largely built in 1320 and the roof is from the 15th century. The tower was destroyed by lightning in 1717, rebuilt, and again destroyed by lightning after which the current tower was built.


1290 Thomas de Morton


1345 John Wythorne

1348 John de Bradefeld

1348 John Steward

1363 John Curteys

1365 Thomas de Fratings

1371 John Whitchurch

1374 Robert Henested

1375 John Redesford

1400 John Beverich


Granite effigy thought to be of John Bourchier (buried 1329) married Helen de Colchester. John in 1311 gained the estate of Stanstead.

John Bourchier ad Helen de Colchester 1329

The effigies on the tomb are of Robert 1st Lord Bourchier (b about 1306, died 18 May 1349) married Margaret Prayers (b about 1307, Sible Headingham). In 1340 Robert was the first Lay Chancellor of England and in 1346 fought with Prince Edward at the battle of Crecy. John was an ambassador to France for peace negotiations. On 2nd April 1342 Edward III granted Robert Bourchier a license to found a chapelry of Seculars in Halstead and endow them with land and the advowson of the church of Sible Headingham. A later license was granted in 1412 for Robert which may indicate the tomb was not constructed at that time, although the effigies are earlier than 1412 so the effigies may have been constructed but put in place after1412.

Robert 1st Lord Bourchier 1400 and Margaret Payers

The canopied tomb is early 15th century and later than the effigies which lie on top of it. The tomb appears to have a scallop shell which may represent a shell of the Coggeshall family which would help to give monument as being to John 2nd lord Boeurchier (b 12 March 1329, Tolleshunt, Essex, d 21 May 1400) married Elizabeth de Coggeshall. On 2 May 1412 Henry IV granted Richard, Bishop of London a license to found a chantry of 5 chaplins to celebrate daily divine service in Halstead for the souls of Robert Bourchier and his wife Margaret, Sir John Bourchier and his wife Maud, and Sir Bartholomew Bourchier and h is wives Margaret and Idonea.



Brass set in Purbeck marble and orignally formed part of an altar tomb. The brass is of Bartholomew 3rd lord Bourchier (d 1409) married 1: Margaret Sutton (shown on the left) married 2: Idonea Lovey (shown on the right). The license of 1412 may indicate the date of construction.

Bartholomew Bourchier 1409 Margaret Sutton Idonea Lovey


Bourchier Heraldic Shield

Bourchier Heraldry


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