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Gloucester Cathedral, St Peter

Gloucester Abbey Cathedral

Gloucester Cathedral Interior

Location: Gloucester, Gloucestershire



Opening Information: See website. There is a suggested entrance fee for the church upkeep.


Osric, prince of Mercia founded an Abbey at Gloucester in 681, which lasted until Henry VIII disolved the Abbey and formed the Cathedral in 1541. When the Normans began building in 1089, 3 previous monasteries had been built. Robert Curthouse, Duke of Normandy, the eldest son of William the Conqueror is buried in Gloucester Cathedral. The remains of Edward II were buried in Gloucester and a service held for him in 1327. A window commemerates the battle of Crecy including the coat of arms of Thomas Berkley and Maurice Berkley.


1284 John de Gamages

1306 John Thokey

1329 John Wygmore

1337 Adam de Staunton

1351 Thomas Horton

1377 John Boyfield

1381 Walter Froucester


Wooden effigy of Robert Duke of Normandy, died 1134 at Cardiff Castle, the prisoner of his younger brother Henry I. Robert was the eldest son of William the Conqueror and Benefactor of Gloucester Abbey. The effigy may have been created by those taking part in the third crusade to commemorate Robert taking part in the first crusade.

Robert Duke of Normandy 1134

Edward II, died 1327

Edward II


Unknown Knight and Lady

Gloucester Cathedral Knight


Brasses: None


14th Century Cope chests used to contain ceremonial robes

Cope Chests


Gloucester Cathedral Corridor


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