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Frampton on Severn, St Mary the Virgin

Frampton on Severn St Mary

Frampton on Severn Church St Mary




Opening Information: Local Keyholder absent in July 2005. Church open March 2006


The church dates from the 12th Century and was dedicated to St Mary the Virgin in 1315. In the 14th Century piers divide the church into north and south aisles.


1285 Thomas

1365 Thomas of Dodewell

1375 Richard of Maddeley

1378 Hugh Bray


Clifford, 1300, in ring mail and surcoat with a shield on his left arm and his feet resting on a dog.

Clifford 130


Lady, 1310, probably a lady of the Clifford family.

Lady 1310


Civilian mid 14th Century, the effigy is 3ft 6" in length with the head resting on a pillow, and his feet rest on a dog.

Civilian 14th Century

Brasses: None


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