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East Harling, St Peter and St Paul

East Harling Church

East Harling Church of St Peter and St Paul

Location: Church Road, East Harling, Norfolk, NR16 2NB



Opening Information: Open during the day with key holder information listed


The main door and lower part of the church were built around 1300 and church was rebuilt, being completed in 1450. The Jesus Chapel was built between 1463 and 1485 and through this is an archway to the Chapel of St Anne containing an Easter Sepulchre and to the founder Lady Anne who died in 1502 and her first husband Sir William Chamberlayne d 1462.


1289 William De La Menewaryn

1332 William Bygod, Patron Symon Bygod

1349 John Gonville, Patron John de Herling

1357 Hugh Pain, Patron John de Herling

1374 Richard Hunte, Patron Sir John Herling

1374 Reginald de Hulton, Patron Sir John Herling

1393 John Peyte, Patron Sir Stephen de Hales


The effigy in the south aisle Lady Chapel is said to be Sir Robert Harling who married Jane or Joan Gunville or Gonville offspring Anne (d 18 Sep 1498). It would appear that the tomb was not made until after 1460 for, on Sunday 9 March of that year, William Worcester rode over to East Harling with a Norwich 'Marbeler' to see about the making of the tomb for Sir Robert Harling, who was Fastolf's nephew. Originally only a knights effigy was here but his wife was added at a later date.

The inscription was transcribed from a brass plate of his tomb by the Rev. David Tho. Powell in 1813 "Within this polished marble is entombed Robert Harlying Knight a man noble in feats of arms. His fame flourished - well known amongst many of its natives of France - at length mangled by force of arms he died at Paris - He fell in the year one thousand four hundred and thirty five on the feast of Gregory - Also the ninth day of September 1435"

However the armour appears to be much earlier than the dates given above, so the base of the tomb may be for Sir Robert's father Sir John Herling (b 1379, East Herling, Norfolk, England, d June 1403, East Herling, Norfolk, England) married (1400, East Herling, Norfolk, England) Cecily de Mortimer (b 1384, Newnham, Cambridgeshire, England, died 1423 Bordeaux, Gironde, Aquitaine, France). Cicilia later married (1411) Sir John "The Good" Radclyffe (b about 1378, Attelborough, Norfolk, England, died after 26 Feb 1440-1441) son of Sir James Radclyffe and Joan Tempest.

The following record has also been noted Sir John Herling (b about 1346, d after 1372) married (after 1372, d after 1372) Margaret Jenny (b 1350) offspring Margaret de Herling (b 1372)

Evidence for the effigy being of an earlier date that Tomb below is as follows:

  1. The lady was next to him was recorded as being added at a later date (during the Reformation?).
  2. The knights effigy has been cut down on the head, possibly being originally too small to fit in.
  3. The effigy is clearly seperate from the tomb base.
  4. The tomb of Sir William Chamberlayne (d 1462) and his wife Lady Anne (d 1502) also in the same church may have been modelled on it without any effigies, although a brass may perhaps have been intended.
  5. The record of the tomb of Sir Robert Harling not being made until after 1460 (25 years after his death).
  6. Use of studded leather on the upper legs, not in use in the 15th Century.
  7. Chainmail Aventail which was replaced by a plate gorget in the early 15th Century.

For comparison to similar armour types view the following effigies

Herling Effigy

Herling Church Effigy

Sir William Chamberlayne (d 1462) and Lady Anne (d 1502)

Sir William Chamberlayne 1462 and Lady Anne 1502

Matrice of Brass of Sir William Chamberlayne (d 1462) and Lady Anne (d 1502).

Sir William Chamberlayne 1462 and Lady Anne Brass Matrice

Sir Thomas Lovell (d 12 December 1604) and Dame Alice (d 1 September 1602)

Sir Thomas Lovell and Dame Alice

Brasses: None



Medieval Wall Painting

Medieval Wall Painting


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