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Draycott Cerne, St James

Draycott Cerne St James

Draycott Cerne Church Interior

Location: Draycott Cerne, Wiltshire, SN15 5LG. TheChurch is located in the private grounds of Draycott House. Access is permited to the church but the gates are locked roughly outside of 9-5 pm.



Opening Information: Normally locked. Keyholder information is located in the porch.


The Manor of Draycot was held by the Venoix family who established a church in the late 12th Century. During the 13th Century the manor passed to the Cerne family who held it until 1452. The church is unusual in having a sunken Chancel. The earliest feature in the Chancel is the double piscina, used by the priest to wash his hands as well as wine to be drained away after the service.

The Church is now a redundant church cared for by The Churches Conservation Trust.



Philip de Cerne, died 1295, Limestone effify. The cinquefoiled canopy is 14th Century. Philip held Draycott 1250-125 and was the Sheriff of Dorset.

Philip de Cerne


Edward de Cerne, died 1393 and his second wife Elyne/Ellen de Cerne died 1418, widow of Walter Paveley. Edward's 1st wife was Phillipa. Edward succeeded his brother in 1348 and was knighted in 1378. In 1379 Edward was an assessor of taxes and a collector of taxes in 1382.

The inscription is in Norman French:

Moun Sire Edward Cerne chevalier o Elyne sa femme gist icy: De les queus almes Diex a sa pyte eyt m'ci. Amen

Edward Cerne, knight and Ellen his wife lie here, on whose souls may God have mercy. Amen

Edward Cerne 1393 and Elyne de Cerne 1418

Edward and Elyne Cerne 1393


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