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Dodford, St Mary the Virgin

Dodford St MaryDodford Church St Mary InteriorDodford Church St Mary the Virgin

Location: Dodford, Northamptonshire



Opening Information:

Locked. Obtain key from keyholder.


In the year 670 the parishes were defined and tithes set. In 1066 the Normans found a church had been established here and granted the estate to William de Keynes. In 1100 the Church was rebuilt by Williams son Ralph de Keynes. The font is 12th Century. The tower and north chapel were added in 1221 by William de Keynes. In 1350 Sir John de Keynes, son of Sir William de Keynes, reconstructed the church.


1399 14 June John de Norton, Deacon

1420 John de Bayirtire

1340 31 July John Davy

1340 Sir William

1349-50 17 January Richard Wedow, Priest

1349-50 Nicholas Smith

1369 26 October Robert Booth de Lioncaster

1397 Sir John


William de Keynes, died 1344. William wears a metal helm over a chainmail coif, a short surcote and carried a kite shaped shield. The figure was broken into 3 parts and restored. The son of William, John de Keynes was sheriff of Nottinghamshire and died 1366.

William de Keynes 1344

Wentiliana 1375, grand daughter of William de Keynes, and succeeded her father John de Keynes. Wentiliana did not marry.

Eliazbeth 1376 Aunt to Wentiliana

Wentiliana 1375 Elizabeth 1376



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