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Danby Wiske

Danby Wiske Church

Church of Danby Wiske

Location: Danby Wiske, Northallerton, North Yorkshire, DL7 0LY



Opening Information: Open dawn to dusk


It is thought that a Saxon church stood at Denebi as it was known as then, but Scots raiding from the north in the 12th century destroyed the records including if the church was ever dedicated. Above the south door is a Norman Tympanum from 1090-1120. The rubble walls and the doorway south of the nave are norman and the north aisle is 12th Century. In the 13th Century a lancet window was inserted in the nave wall. The tower, chancel and celestory are 14th century. The font is early norman and the piscina 13th Century. Outside of the church there are grooves on the walls where arrows and swords have been sharpened.



Stone effigy Agnes Maud Matilda Balliol possibly the daughter of John Balliol, King of Scotland and Isabel Warrene. The effigy was used as a lintle above the door to the bell tower until it was moved to its present location in 1939. Matilda was the widow of Brian Fitzalan, (b 1243, d 1 June 1306, buried Bedale), Brian married 1 (before 8 November 1290): Muriel, they had 3 children, Thomas, Robert and Theobald, Brian married 2 (before 2 July 1297): Matilda/Maud (b about 1282 in Bernard Castle, Gainford, Durham, England, alive April 1340, buried Danby Wiske) they had 2 children Agnes Fitzalan and Katherine Matilda Fitzalan. Brian was said to be a 'beloved and faithful friend' of Edward I. Brian took part in campaigns in the Welsh marches, and appointed Warden of the Castles of Forfar, Dundee, Roxburgh and Jedburgh. Brian was also the Custodian of the realm of Scotland, fought at Falkirk (1298), and was present at the siege of Caverlock. Brian is the the following rolls: The Falkirk Roll, H30: The Caverlock Poem, K55: St Georges Roll, GA145: The Galloway Roll. Brian was summoned to parliament in 1295

Matilda Fitzalan 1340

Brasses: None


Early Norman Font

Norman Font

13th century piscina

13th century piscina

Above the south door is a Norman Tympanum from 1090-1120. This may represent the weighing of the soul and the Angel of judgement wighs the good deeds against the bad deeds and the angel of mercy reduces the weight of the sins or a bridegroom with a wise virgin on the right and a foolish virgin on the left.

Norman Tympanum

Warren Earl of Surrey Heraldry and Geoffrey le Scrope of Hasham Heraldry

Warren Heraldry Geoffrey le Scrope of Hasham Heraldry




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