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Crediton Collegiate Church of the Holy Cross
and the Mother of Him who hung thereon

Crediton Colleigate Church

Crediton Colleigate Church Interior

Location: Church Lane, Crediton, Devon



Opening Information:


Crediton was the birthplace of Saint Boniface. Crediton had a Cathedral until 1050 when Bishop Leofric moved the Diocese to Exeter. The church that can be seen today was built around 1150, and rebuilt in 1410.



John and Isobel de Sully, 1387. The tomb was originally positioned in the north transept was moved in the mid 19th Century to the south choir aisle. John wears a bascinet with ring mail aventail, a sleeveless mail shirt, covered by a leather jupon, and metal plate on the arms and legs. John wore on his hands leather and steel gauntlets, with sollerets on the feet. Lady Isobel wears a sideless cote-hardi with her hair in a net.

John Sully 1387

Brasses: None


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