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Chartham, St Marys

Chartham St MarysChartham St Marys Church Interior




Opening Information: May-September 3-5 pm


The church was built around 1294 when Edward I granted towards the building 50 marks. Edward I visited the church in 1294 and 1302. The tower was added in the 15th Century, with renovations in the 19th Century.


1292 Master Thomas de Chartham

Adam de Penyton resigned 1324

1324 John de Icham

1350 Roger Barking

Richard Suggeworth resigned 25 June 1361

2 August 1362-31 August 1362 Robert Strode

31 August 1362-28 March 1371 William Chirchbull

28 March 1371-12 April 1371 John Dygge

12 April 1371 John de Beckford

Thomas Talbot resigned 1390

30 May 1390-1392 John Wotton

collated 26 July 1392-1396 Richard Lentwardyn

1396 Reginald de Cobham died 1402



Robert de Septvans, died 1306. The brass, the sixth oldest surviving brass in Engalnd, has been moved at least once to its current location in the north transept. The brass is 190cm long and 50 cm wide, and is made up of 3 seperate sheets. Robert is shown without a helm, which may indicate a peaceful death than in combat. The crossed legs may suggest an act of Piety such as fouding a church, but do not mean that he has been on a crusade. Robert wears ring mail hauberk, slit at the front for riding, beneath a linen surcoat that is embroided with winnowing fans of wicker used for seperating the wheat from chaff, from which he takes his name. The heraldry depicted is termed allusive or canting as it is a pun on his name. Robert wears a ring mail coif, or coif de mailes, that covers his shoulders, neck and head and would be fastened by a strap on one side of his head. The leg armour or chausses, consist of ring mail tied at the knee garters, and cover the thigh to the feet. The arms are also protected in ring mail and have ring mail mittens, fastened around the wrist by straps. The knee protection or Genoiulléres, were of leather or Cuir-bouilli, a hardened leather. The spurs are pryck spurs buckled around the ankle and foot. Robert wears Ailetes on the shoulders to protect the neck and would have been of leather tied on with silk. Robert lived in nearby Milton Manor. Robert was present at the siege of Caverlock Castle in 1300, in the army of Edward I as he marched north to fight the scots led by William Wallace.

Robert de Septvans 1306


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