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Canterbury Cathedral

Canterbury Cathedral

Canterbury Cathedral Interior




Opening Information:


St Augustine was sent to England in 597 and was given a church at Canterbury by the local king Ethelbert. St Augustine was made Bishop and set up his seat at Canterbury making it a Cathedral. Canterbury was the first Cathedral founded in England. There is evidence that by 998 the monks were Benedictines, until the monastery was disolved in 1540. In 1070 Archbishop Lanfranc laid out the monastic plan of the cathedral. On 29 December 1170 Thomas Becket was murdered in the cathedral. Prince, Edward the Black Prince, and Henry IV with his wife Joan of Navarre are buried in the Cathedral.


1313-27 Walter Reynolds

1328-33 Simon Meopham (or Mepeham)

1333-48 John Stratford

1349 Thomas Bradwardine

1349-66 Simon Islip

1366-68 Simon Langham

1368-74 William Whittlesey

1375-81 Simon Sudbury


Abbots of St Augustine's Canterbury:

1310 Ralph Burn

1334 Thomas Poucin

1343 William Thurleigh

1346 John Devonish

1348 Thomas Colwell

1375 Michael Pecham


John Stratford, Archbishop of Canterbury 1333-1348

John Stafford 1348


Edward Of Woodstock, The Black Prince, eldest son of Edward III, died 1376

Black Prince 1376

Edward of Woodstock 1376



Simon Sudbury, Archbishop of Canterbury 1375-1381

John Sudbury 1381


William Courtenay, Archbishop of Canterbury 1381-1396

William Courtenay 1396

Brasses: No 14th Century

Prince of Wales Heraldry

Prince of Wales Heraldry 1376Prince of Wales Feathers 1376

Edward of Woodstock, original arms and armour

Black Prince arms and armour

Edward of Woodstock, copies of arms and armour

Prince Edward Arms and Armour


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