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Burghfield, St Mary the Virgin

Burghfield Village St Mary the Virgin

St Mary the Virgin Burghfield Village Church 

Location: Church Lane, Burghfield Vollage, RG30 3TG



Opening Information:


A church was mentioned as being at Burghfield in the Domesday book. It was decided in 1842 that the current church could not be expanded so it was demolished and current Church was built in 1843.



Roger de Burghfield (d 1327). Woden effigy carved in London about 1330. Roger was Lord of the manor of Burghfield, knight of the Shire and member of Parliament for Berkshire in 1301 and twice for Oxfordshire. His heir was his brother Peter de Burghfield was Parson at the church of Burghfield. On 9 January 1978 the effigy was stolen and found by an English art dealer for sales in Belgium after having changed hands many times. Despite it having been stolen, the courts ruled that compensation would have to be paid to the person then having possession of the statue (possession still appears to be 9 tenths of the law!). Through public appeals, nearly £10,000 was raised to recover the statue, and in May 1982 the statue was restored to the church.

Roger de Burghfield 1327

Richard Neville 5th Earl of Salisbury (b 1400 Raby, Durham, England, d 1460 Pontefract) married Alice Montague (d 1463). The effigies have been defaced and were probably brought from the Abbey at Bisham. Richard was Warden of the Marches of Scotland in 1420, and acted as Deputy Constable for the Coronation of Henry VI. In 1438 Richard was made a member of the Order of the Garter. In 1453 Richard joined the Yorkist faction and in 1454 Richard was appointed the Lord Chancellor. Richard took part in the battle of Blore Heath in 1459 and was attainted. Again fighting for the Yorkists he was taken prisoner at the battle of Wakefield and beheaded in1460 at Pontefract. His eldest son became Warwick the famous King Maker.

Richard Neville 460 Alice Montague 1463


Nicholas Williams 1568 and wife Elizabeth or Mabel. Both of his wives had brasses but one has gone missing.

Nicholas Williams 1568 Nicholas Williams wife 1568


12th century font, originally round but recut in the 14th century.

12th Century Font


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