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Bottesford, St Mary

Bottesford St Mary

Bottesford Church St Mary

Location: Church Stret, Bottesford, Leicestershire



Opening Information: Open during the day


The font is Saxon and was recovered from a local garden and is evidence of a much older church on the site. The chancel was once the nave of an earlier church dating back to the 12th century. John Mareschall who in 1282 owned the manor of Bottesford and left money in 1295 for the church at Bottesford. In 1330 William de Roos founded a chantry to St Mary and St John the Evangelist. The Rector John de Codyngtoun and John Bauland obtained a license on 12 January 1359 for the maintenance of a priest to perform a daily divine service at the altar of St Peter for the welfare of the founders, Walter Payn, parents and friends. A chantry of St Peter was founded in the north transept on 5 December 1368. Edward III granted a license on 26 June 1373 to Henry de Codyngtoun to settle a house and land on a chantry priest of St Mary and St John the Evangelist. The tower is dated from around 1420. In 1538 with the dissolution of Croxton Abbey and Beolvoir Priory, Thomas Manners the 1st Earl of Rutland brought in 5 family memorials


1289 William de Filungele

1322 Gilbert de Sandal

1323 Gilbert de Wygeton

1332 Adam de Stayngrave

1349 John de Codnygton

1361 Henry de Codyngton

1381 Henry de Medbourne

1404 John Corby


Robert de Roos Baron of Hamlake (d 13 June 1285, buried Kirkham Abbey, south side of the choir, his bowels before the high altar at Belvoir Priory and his heart at Croxton Abbey) married (3 July 1257) Isabel de Albini. They had 4 sons William, the successor, Robert, Nicholas who became the Rector of Stoke in Northamptonshire and John. Robert fought with the barons against Henry III at the battle of Lewes in 1264 and after his defeat his lands were temporarily seized. Length of effigy: 42cm. Originally at Croxton Abbey. Note the effigy has also been said to represent one the Albini family.

Robert de Ros 1285

Fair Maid of Normanton

Fair Maid of Normanton

Lady 1310, this may be Matilda wife of Sir William de Roos

Lady 1310

William de Ros (d 1414)

William de Ros 1414

John de Roos (d 1421)

John de Ros 1421

Thomas Manners 1st Earl of Rutland (d 1543) and Eleanor Paston

Thomas Manners 1st Earl of Rutland and Eleanor Paston

Henry Manners 2nd Earl Rutland (d 1563) and Margaret

Henry and Margaret Manners 2nd Earl Rutland 1563

Edward Manners 3rd Earl Rutland (d 1587)

Edward Manners 3rd Earl Rutland 1587

John 4th Earl Rutland (d 1588) and Elizabeth

4th Earl Rutland Elizabeth 1588

Roger Manners 5th Earl Rutland (d 1612) and Elizabeth Sydney

Roger Manners 5th Earl Rutland Elizabeth Sydney

Frances Manners 6th Earl Rutland (d 1632)

Frances Manners 6th Earl Rutland 1632


Henry de Codyngtoun, rector prependary of Oxtoun and Crophill in Southwell College, 1404. In cope, with Saints Peter, John the Evangelist, John the Baptist

Henry de Codyngton




Roger de Roos (d 1285) Heart Stone from Croxton Abbey "Here lies the heart of Lord Robert de Roos whose body is buried at Kirkham who died the 13th Kalends of June 1285. Isabella Lady de Roos wife of the said Robert de Roos lies at a place near Stamford, who died AD 1301.

Roger de Roos Heartstone

Church exterior

Church exterior


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