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Woodland Dedication in memory of Hazel Absalom

Woodland Dedication

Medieval Music with Capriole

Medieval music with Capriole 2005 Mediaeval Combat Society Banquet

Woodland Dedication

For many years Capriole have provided medieval music at the annual medieval banquets for the Mediaeval Combat Society. One of their number Hazel Absalom, sadly passed away in New Zealand on February 10th 2005. In memory of Hazel, the MCS invited Capriole to join them at Ruislip Medieval Fayre in 2006 and the proceeds of that joint event were given to Hazels chosen charity, the Woodland Trust. Half an acre of woodland has been preserved with the Woodland Trust Dedication on 27th June 2007 in memory of Hazel Absalom.

Woodland TrustMCS



Capriole and A Companye of Strangers perform Early Dance in sumptuous costumes of silks and velvets. They transport you back to a bygone era, when dancing was a vital part of a gentleman's or lady's accomplishments. The ability to dance well was often a great asset at Court, and it was the main opportunity for gentlemen to make the acquaintance of ladies.

The ensemble Capriole was formed in 1983; three women with a love of early music and period costume and a wish to bring their own brand of joie de vivre to the performance of Medival and Renaissance music.

Dressed as ladies of the court in fine silks and satins, they breathe life into ancient songs and tunes and bring the past into vivid focus. Their material ranges from lively 13th century dance tunes and secular songs, to the romantic love songs of the court composers of the 17th century. Capriole sing songs from the 14th to the 17th century, ranging from the earliest known round, 'Sumer Is I-Cumen In' , through court songs from Tudor times, to rounds and catches from the rumbustuous Restoration period. They play lively dance tunes and haunting ayres on Renaissance woodwind.



Capriole at the 2004 MCS banquet

Medieval music with Capriole 2004 Mediaeval Combat Society Banquet


Woodland Trust woodland

Woodland Trust Forest

Woodland Trust

  • The Woodland Trust is the UK’s leading charity dedicated solely to the protection of our native woodland heritage.
  • By acquiring woodland sites Woodland Trust bring them into care and protection. Many of the woods were previously under threat from development pressure or unsympathetic management.
  • Woodland Trust woods are sympathetically managed for wildlife and public enjoyment. Woodland Trust Officers organise their specialist care throughout the UK.
  • Woodland Trust also replace those woods that have been lost to landscape and create more new native woodland than practically anyone else in the UK
  • The Woodland Trust uses its experience and authority in conservation to influence others who are in a position to improve the future of native woodland. This includes government, other landowners and like-minded organisations.



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Woodland Trust

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