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Walter Pavely xxxx-1375

Also known as Wauter de Pavilly, Paveley, de Paveley, Pavelies, Panell

Born: before 1330


Died: 1375







Isabella Pavely married Richard Baskerville of Eardisley

Heraldic Coat of Arms: azure, a cross patonce or. Described by George Beltz as Azure, a cross flory Or.

Crest: A hind's leg, or (as others suppose) a horses head.

Knight of the Garter 1348, Founder Member, Stall 26

Walter fought at the battle of Crecy in 1346 and at Poitiers 1356

The Pavely family owned Brook house/hall in Westbury, Wiltshire, England and were comissioners for the Crown and Sheriffs, and in the local church they had a chantry chapel, and local churches had their arms upon them. Walter Pavely binds himself to supply Roger Marmion every Christmas as long as he (Marmion) lives with a furred robe after the pattern of that worn by the other Esquires in attendance upon him. In consideration of which dignity Marmion was to give up any claim he might have to a certain one hundred acres of land, and pay one mark of silver every year. The last male heir of the Pavely family died in 1361, with two daughters, Alice and Joan.

Land at Headinghill, Westbury belonged to Walter Pavely and his son Walter Pavely in 1323. A rent of £6 from the manor of Westbury and the hamlets of Headinghill, Stoke, Melborne, and Leigh, i.e. Joan and Eleanor's share of Sir John Pavely's lands, was to be paid to Sir John's daughter, Joan, wife of Ralph Cheyney. Headinghill is mentioned in connexion with this rent in 1420.

In 1304 Geoffrey of Bratton conveyed his holding in Bratton to Walter Pavely, retaining only a life interest in the property for himself.

In 1341 Henry de Burghersh, bishop of Lincoln, died holding the manor of Cosgrove for life under a grant of 1339 from Thomas Spigurnel, when his heir was found to be his kinsman Walter de Paveley, but the manor initially passed to Henry's brother Bartholomew as remainderman under the gift from Thomas. In 1345-7 Walter released his claim to the manor of Cosgrove to Sir Adam de St. Philbert and Richard le Forester. By 1351, however, the manor was in Walter's hands, when he made a settlement on feoffees and secured a release from Richard

In 1358 Prince Edward granted the wardship of William, son and heir of William de Furtho, to Sir Walter de Paveley, who noted that the father had held a quarter of a knight's fee in Cosgrove, and that the wardship and marriage of the heir belonged to the prince by virtue of older enfeoffment

A Charter on 7 June 1291, by Edward I to Walter de Pavely. To be held at Westbury manor. A Market was granted again by Edward I to Walter de Pavilly on 2 January 1297. On 20 Nov 1368, a moiety of the profits of the market, the day of which was not given, was delivered to John de Seintlou, to hold by courtesy of England. John was the widower of Alice, daughter of the late John Paveleye.


References by Froisart:


How the Englishmen that were sent into Bretayne were tormented on the sea, and how the Gauntois desired to have the earl of Flanders their lord to come dwell in their town of Gaunt.

THE same season it was ordained in England by the king and his council that two hundred men of arms and four hundred archers should go into Bretayne, and the chief captain of that journey should be sir John Arundel, and with him should go sir Hugh Calverley, sir Thomas Banaster, sir Thomas Trivet, sir Walter Paveley, sir John Bourchier, the lord Ferrers and the lord Basset. All these knights drew to Hampton ; and when they had wind, they entered into their ships and departed.

Walter PAULE / PAVELEY, Will 21 Nov 1379 (May be a different Walter Paveley?)

Know all men that I WALTER PAULE (Paveley) Knight have given and granted and by my deed of feffement have confirmed to Mons. Stephen de Valoience, Knight, Thomas Brokhull, William Horne and John de Walton my manor of Stoutyngg with all its appertenances in the County of Kent to them and their heirs for ever. And confirmed to Mons. John de Gildeburgh Knt. Sire Wm. de Wyndesore, provost of Wyngham, Wm. Topclyue and Thos. de Brochull my manors of Boctone and Ditton in Kent to them and their heirs for ever.
My full will is that if I die without heirs the aforesaid feoffees shall reenfeoffe Elizabeth my dear companion in all the said manors to her and her heirs and assigns for ever together with all my goods and chattels moveable and unmoveable and my will is that the said Elizabeth shall be charged to pay and settle all my debts etc. And this deed shall be held by Mons. John de Clyntone to certify my will to all men. Written in the abbey of Romeseye the 21st day of November the 3rd year of King Richard the Second sealed with the seal of my Arms. Prima Voluntas dicti Dni. Walteri Pauly. This is the whole will of Wauter Pauly. He wished that his feffers of his lands enfeoff Elizabeth his wife in his manors of Ditton and Stoutyngg. If there is no heir the reversion to be sold and expended for his soul and those of his ancestors in alms. Also he wished that with the manor of Boctone should be found five priests for 7 years for his and his ancestors. Also he wished that the Friars Preachers of London make two stones one above his father and mother and the other over his brother and that one be graven with two images one ‘arme entier en larmez de Pauly et lautre en lez armes de Pauly & de Seint Filbert partie’ and the stone of his brother with the arms of his brother with ‘le labil’. Also he wished that the said Friars Preachers ‘soient vint mars’ to pray for the souls of himself and his ancestors. Also he wished ‘q si il defaile et dieu face taunt q le corps ou le cuer purroit quenir en’ to England to be interred in the Chapel of Our Lady in the church of Boctone ‘enmy lu devaunt lauter’ and that the gable of the said chapel be made a new window with an image of Our Lady at the side of the window. Also he wished that his grandfather and grandmother have a stone of their Arms. Also he wished that for himself there should be a ‘piere quartile’ of the Arms of Pauly and of Burgherse.
Also he wished that Thomas Brochul distribute all his goods aforesaid and that he have twenty marcs yearly out of the manor of Boctone for his life. Also that Eliot be paid all the debt due and the 20 marcs of my gift, Janyn 100s., Thomas 40s. Also that there be an image made of Poys of 10 marcs ‘arme eu mes armes quartille’ and ‘ofre devant’ Our Lady ‘ondircrofte’ at Caunterbery. And all the remainder I put under the trust and loyalty that I have in the said Thomas.
No probate act is entered. (104b Sudbury).
NOTE: Walter de Pavely died possessed of Stowting 1 Edward III. Stephen de Burgherst died 3 Edward III possessed thereof and Sir Walter de Pavely K.G. died siezed 49 Edward III. (Hasted Vol. III p. 314). Boughton Aluph belonged to the Burghersh family and then Sir Walter de Pavely who died possessed of it 49 Edward III. (Hasted II p. 190). Ditton also belonged to Burghersh and then to Pavely.

Memorials Of The Most Noble Order Of The Garter From Its Foundation To The Present Time, George Beltz, 1841


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