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Thomas Ughtred Baron Ughtred 1292-1365

Also known as Thomas Oughtred

Born: 1292, Scarborough, North Riding, Yorkshire, England


Died: 12 May 1365

Buried: Catton Church, Yorkshire, England

Parents: Robert Ughtred, Lord of Scarborough, York (born Scarborough, North Riding, Yorkshire, England, died 1309) Isabel (died after 1336) Isabel later married William de Ros, 1st Baron Ros of Hamlake


Elizabeth Oughtred

Married: before 1332/3

Spouse: Margaret Burdon daughter of Brian Burdon (died 1332/3


Thomas Ughtred (died November 1401, Kexby, Yorkshire, England, buried Catton Church, Yorkshire, England) married 1: Catherine Mauley (died 25 November 1402) married 2: Idonea L'Engleys

Heraldic Coat of Arms: gules, on a cross patence or five mullets of the field also given as gule , on a cross flory (patonce) or five mullets pierced of the field. Described by George Beltz as Gules, a cross moline, Or charged with five mullets of the field.

Crest: A buck's head issuant out of a ducal coronet.

Knight of the Garter 1358, Stall 24, became a member of the order of the garter after the death of Henry Earn

Thomas Ughtred is governor of Scarborough 1319. In 1332/3 Kexby Manor passed to Thomas Ughtred through his wife whose father died that year. In 1339 Thomas was in charge of Perth and defended it against the Scots. The siege of Perth continued for 2 months, until 5 French ships saied into the Tay, and blockaded the sea route. The Moat was drained and filled with brushwood and an assault planned for 7 July 1339, but was postponed as an eclipse of the sun occurred, and the attackers feared a bad omen. Thomas realising that the city was about to fall surrendered and the defenders were allowed to leave. On 15 July 1340 Thomas was in charge of 1000 archers near St Omer, Southern Flanders. Thomas Ughtred was granted in 1342 a license to crenellate his house in the manor of Moor Monkton and Scagglethorpe, North Yorkshire and built the first ‘Rede Howse’ on the mound in the Moat Field. The name probably came from the reeds used to thatch the roof . In 1334 Thomas was granted a license to impark his woods at Kexby. Summoned to Parliament as Baron Ughtred 1343. Thomas fought at the Battle of Crècy in 1346 and made Admiral of the Fleet northwards. Fought at the siege of Calais. In 1347 a Wednesday market and a fair on Easter Monday and the following six days at Kexby were granted to Thomas Ughtred in 1347. On 26 Jun 1354, Edward III granted the fair and market of Coxwold, North Yorshire to Thomas Ughtred, who had purchased the manor. The lordship of Kilham, formerly called Killom, in the Wolds in 1364 belonged to Thomas Ughtred, who in that year obtained a charter of free warren in all this demesne lands here, and some other of his manors. On his in 1365 death the title Baron Ughtred became extinct, as the Baronage was not passed to his descendants.

Memorials Of The Most Noble Order Of The Garter From Its Foundation To The Present Time, George Beltz, 1841

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