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Thomas de Percy, 1st Earl of Worcester 1343-1403

Also known as Thomas Percy

Born: 1343, Shrewsbury, Shropshire, England


Died: 23 July 1403

Buried: St. Peter's, Shrewsbury, Shropshire, England

Parents: Henry de Percy 3rd Lord Percy (born 1322 Warkwarth Castle, Alnwick, Northumberland, England, died 18 May 1368) married 1: (September 1334 Tutbury Castle, Staffordshire, England) Mary Plantagenet (born 1320, died 1 September 1362, Tutbury Castle, England, buried buried Alnwick, Northumberland, England) married 2: (1365)Joan de Oreby


Henry Percy 1st Earl of Northumberland (born 10 November 1341 Alnwick Castle, Northumberland, England, died 20 November 1408, Bramham Moor, Tadcaster, Yorkshire, England, buried York Minster, York, England) married 1: Elizabeth de Umfrevile (born about 1342) married 2: (12 July 1358 Brancepeth, Durham, England) Margaret/Matilda de Neville (born before 1336, died 12 May 1372) married 3: (15 December 1381) Maud de Lucy Baroness Lucy (born about 1350 Castle, Prudhoe, Northumberland, England, died 18 December 1398)

Mary Percy (born 1360, died 1395) married John Ros Baron Ros of Helmsley




Heraldic Coat of Arms: Or, A lion Rampant Azure, differenced

Heraldic Badge: A Crescent Argent

Knight of the Garter 1376, Stall 22, became a member of the order of the garter after the death of Thomas Grandison

Thomas achieved the title of Knight Banneret.

In 1368 Thomas was the Seneschal of La Rochelle and fought in France under John of Gaunt in 1369. Thomas was Seneschal of Poitou in 1370 and Seneschal of Saintonge. In 1370 Thomas was in Poitou at the death of Sir John Chandos. During February 1370 Thomas fought in the relief of Belleperche. In September 1370 Thomas fought in Prince Edward's campaign and the taking and sacking of Limoges. In August 1371 Thomas fought at Montcontour. Thomas fought before the battle of Soubise on 23 August 1372 and was surprised and captured by Hywel Flint, a Welsh chaplin in the company of Owen of Wales, also captured was Jean de Grailly, the Captal de Buch. Thomas was released by the Duc de Berry on 2 October 1374.

Between 1 December 1376 and March 1381 Thomas was the keeper of Roxborough castle. During January to June 1377 Thomas negotiated as an envoy with the French for a peace treaty at Boulogne and Calais. Geoffrey Chaucer was under the command of Thomas in Flanders. Thomas was the joint warden of the East Marches on 16 July 1377. On 22 October 1377 Thomas was the joint commissioner in peace treaty talks with Scotland. On 5 November 1378 Thomas was the Admiral of the Fleet for the North, a position he would be appointed to several times again. On 4 March 1378/9 Thomas held the title of Joint Captain of Brest. On July 9 1380 Thomas held the position of Chief Commissioner for talks with Brittany.

From July 1380 to April 1381 Thomas fought in the expedition of the Duke of Buckingham in Brittany. Thomas held the position again of Captain of Brest from 21 September 1381 to 1386. On 3 August 1383 Thomas was Joint warden of the East Marches towards Scotland. On 4 November 1383 Thomas was a commissioner that negotaited with the Count of Flanders and France. Thomas held the position of Assistant Warden of the Marches from 1 May 1384 to 11 June 1384.

Thomas fought during the Duke of Lancaster's expedition to Spain and Portugal in July 1386 and 1387, where he was required to bring a force of 240 men, larger than that normally supplid by a banneret. Between 1390 and 1394 Thomas was Councillor to Queen Anne, wife of Richard II. Thomas held in February 1389/90 the title of Vice Chamerlain of the Royal Household. On 14 May 1390 Thomas held the position of Justiciar of South Wales and Keeper of Newcastle Emlyn, Carmarthenshire on 20 December 1390. On 9 January 1392/3 Thomas was the Keeper of Haverford Castle. In 1392 Thomas headed the English party to treat with France for Peace. Between February 1393 and July 1399 Thomas held the position of Steward of the Royal Household.

On 29 September 1397 Thomas was created the 1st Earl of Worcester in its second creation. Later he would sometimes be known simply as 'Worcester'. Thomas was constable of Jedburgh castle on 19 October 1397 and Captain of Calais on 22 January 1397/8. On 16 January 1398/9 Thomas was the Admiral of the Fleet for Ireland. In 1398 Thomas ws appointed with John of Gaunt to look into violations of the peace treaty with France. In 1398 Thomas was appointed Executor to the will of the Duchess of Gloucester. In 1399 Thomas was appointed the executor of John of Gaunt. Before 4 December 1399 Thomas was appointed as a Privy Counsellor

Thomas journeyed with Richard II to Ireland in 1399 but on returning to England Thomas joined with his brother and nephew and defected from Richard II to support Henry Bolingbroke who became Henry IV. In supporting Henry IV Thomas kept all his previous privileges. Thomas held the position of Steward to the Royal Household, from 1401 to 1402. Henry IV appointed in 1401 Thomas Lieutenant of South Wales and tutor to the Prince of Wales in 1402. Thomas was Captain of Cardigan Castle and Lampeter Castle in November 1401. In February 1403 Thomas joined the rebellion of his brother and nephew and the rebellion was declared to be treason the honours of Thomas were forfeited. In Henry IV part 1 by William Shakespeare it is Thomas who influences his young nephew Hotspur to withold Scottish prisoners from the king and a plan for overthrowing Henry IV. Thomas fought in the Battle of Shrewsbury on 21 July 1403 where it was said that he withheld information on the generous peace, terms from Hotspur. Thomas was defeated, captured and beheaded 2 days later on 23 July 1403. Thomas was buried at Whitchurch but was dug up 2 days later and his head cut off and fixed on one of the gates of York and his body exhibited at Shrewsbury.

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