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Thomas Holland 2nd Earl of Kent, Lord of Wake, Lord of Woodstock 1350-1397

Also known as Thomas de Holand

Born: about 1350 Upholand, Lancashire, England


Died: 25 April 1397, Arundel Castle, Sussex, England

Buried: Bourne Abbey, Lincolnshire, England

Parents: Thomas Holland 1st earl of Kent (born 1314, Broughton, Buckinghamshire, England, died 28 December 1360, Normandy, France) married Joan Plantagenet, died (7 August 1385), the 'Fair Maid of Kent', granddaughter of King Edward I and sister and sole heir of John, Earl of Kent.


Edmund Holland (born before 1352, Upholland, Lancashire, England, died young)

John Holland Earl of Huntingdon, Duke of Exeter (born about 1355, Upholland, Lancashire, England, died 9 October died 1400, Castle, Pleshey, Essex, England), married (24 August 1386) Elizabeth Plantagenet of Lancaster (born 1364, died 1428)

Joan Holland (born 1350, died after 25 December 1384) married (1366) John IV de Montfort (born 1365, died 1 November 1399), Count of Montfort, Duke of Brittany

Maud/Matilda Holland (born about 1356, Upholland, Lancashire, England, died before 13 April 1392), married 1: Hugh, Lord Courtenay (died 1377), married 2: (1380) Waleran, Count De St. Pol (born 1335, died 1415)

Married: 10 April 1364

Spouse: Alice Fitzalan (born 1352, Arundel Castle, West Sussex, England, died 17 March 1416) daughter of Richard Fitzalan (born about 1313, Arundel, Sussex, England, died 24 Jan 1376 Arundel, Sussex, England, buried Lewes, Sussex, England) married Eleanor Plantagenet, Countess of Arundel (born about 1311/1322 Grismond Castle, Monmouthshire, died 11 January 1372 Arundel, Sussex, England, buried Lewes, Sussex, England) Richard Fitzalan married 1: Isabel Le Despencer, Countess of Arundel (born about 1312 Gloucestershire, England)


Alianor/Eleanor Holland (born about 1372/3 Upholland, Lancashire, England, died 18 October 1405, buried 23 October 1405 Abby Bishom, Berkshire, England) married 1 (about 7 October 1388): Roger Mortimer 4th Earl of March (born 11 April 1374 Monmouthshire, England, died 20 July 1398) married 2 (about 1396): Upholland, Lancashire, England): Edward Cherleton Lord Cherleton Of Powys (born 1371 Powys, Wales, married 3 (13 May 1399): Thomas Montacute, 4th Earl of Salisbury (born before 14 June 1388 Salisbury, Wiltshire, England, died 3 November 1428)

Thomas Holland 3rd Earl of Kent, Duke of Surrey (born 1374, Cirencester, Gloucestershire, England, died 8 January 1400, murdered) married 20 October 1392

Edmund Holland 4th Earl of Kent (born 6 January 1384, died 15 September 1407) married Constance Plantagenet (born about 1374, died 28 November 1416)

Margaret Holland (born 1385, died 30 December 1429, St. Saviour's Monastery, Bermondsey, Surrey, England, buried Canterbury Cathedral, Kent) married 1 (after 28 September 1397): John Beaufort, Marquess of Somerset (born about 1373, died 21 April 1410, St. Catherine by the Tower, buried Canterbury Cathedral, Kent) married 2 (10 November 1411): Thomas Plantagenet, Duke of Clarence (born 1 October 1388, died 22 March 1421, buried Canterbury Cathedral, Kent)

Joan Holland (born about 1380, died 12 April 1434) married (4 November 1393) Edmund of Langley, 1st Duke of York (born 5 June 1341, died 1 August 1402) married 2 (after 1 August 1402 before 9 August 1404) 5th Lord Willoughby de Eresby, married 3 (6 September 1410): Lord Scrope of Marsham (beheaded 5 August 1415) married 4 (between autumn 1415 and April 1416): 1st Lord Vessey (died 12 April 1434)

Bridget de Holland (born 1390)

Elizabeth Holland married (before 1394, died 1423) John Neville (died 1423)

Heraldic Coat of Arms: England within a bordure argent

Knight of the Garter 1376, Stall 12, became a member of the order of the garter after the death of John de Mohun

In 1360 his father Thomas died and Thomas became the Baron of Kent. Thomas was the stepson of Edward of Woodstock and half brother to Richard II, through his mother Joan 'the fair maid of Kent', who had married Prince Edward after the death of his father. The marriage helped to advance the brothers and sisters of Thomas. In 1366 Thomas at the age of 16 was made Captain of English forces Aquitaine for the English and in 1367 was knighted by Prince Edward, taking part in his expedition to Spain in 1367. In 1376 Thomas took part in the expedition to Brittany which consisted of 2,000 men at arms and 3,000 archers. Thomas was Keeper of the New Forest from 1377 to 1397.

When Richard II came to the throne in 1377, Thomas exerted his influence on the Royal Court over his younger step brother and was granted an annual income of £200 for life. As his number of court appointments grew he was to earn £1,000 per year. In 1380 Thomas was granted the title Earl Marshal of England. In 1380 Thomas helped to arrange the marriage of Richard II to Anne of Luxembourg, sister of the Emperor.

In 1381 Thomas was created the Earl of Kent, the title had been held by his mother. In 1381 during the Peasants Revolt Thomas was appointed as the captain of the king's forces and was with Richard II in the Tower of London when the rebels were headed for London. When Richard II went to meet the rebels at Mile End, Thomas fearing for his own life stayed away from the meeting. In 1385 on the death of his mother Thomas gained her lands. Thomas was granted the manor of Brockenhurst in 1388. In 1389 Thomas was made Constable of the Tower and a Privy Councilor.

Just before his death in 1397 Thomas was made Constable of Carisbrooke Castle

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