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Robert de Namur Lord of Beaufort, Renaix, Ballâtre and Chièvre 1323-1391

Born: 1323


Died: April 1391


Parents: Jean de Namur de Dampierre Comte de Namur (born 1267, died 31 January 1330 Winnendale) married 1: Marguerite de Clermont (born 1289, died 1309 Paris, Ile-de-France, France) married 2: (1309 Paris, Ile-de-France, France) Dame de Merode Marie d'Artois (born 1291, died 1365)


Jean II de Namur de Dampierre Margrave de Namur (born 1310/12, died 2 April 1335, buried Spaltheim)

Guy II de Namur de Dampierre Margrave de Namur (born 1311/13, died 12 March 1336)

Henri de Namur (born 1312/13, died 8 October 1333), a canon in Rheims

Philippe III de Namur de Dampierre Margrave de Namur (born about 1319, died September 1337, Famagusta, Kuzey Kibris Türk Cumhuriyeti, Kipros (murdered at Famagusta))

Guillaume I de Namur Marquis de Namur 'the rich' (born 1324, died 1 October 1391 Namur) married 1: (before 13 February 1348) Jeanne de Hainault Countess of Soissons (died 1350, of the plague) married 2: Catherine/Caterina of Savoy (died 8 June 1388)

Louis de Namur (born about 1325, died 1378/86) married (1365) Isabelle de Roucy (died after 1396)

Marie de Namur (born 1322, died about 1357) married (1336) Graf von Vianden Heinrich II married 2: Theobald de Bar Seigneur de Pierrepont (born about 1314, died about 1354) married about 1342

Marguerite de Namur (born about 1323, died 13 September 1383)

Elizabeth de Namur (born 1329, died 29 March 1382) married Rupprecht Elector Palatine of the Rhine (died 1390)

Married 1: 2 February 1354

Spouse 1: Isabella de Hainault (born about 1323, died 26 January 1361, buried Abbaye de Fontenelles ) daughter of William III de Hainault Comte de Hainault et Holland (born about 1286 Hainault, died 7 June 1337 Valenciennes, Nord, Nord-Pas-de-Calais, France) married (19 May 1305 Chauny, Aisne, Picardie, France) Jeanne de Valois (born about 1294, died 7 March 1342 Fontenelles)

Offspring 1:

Married 2: 4 February 1380

Spouse 2: Isabeau de Melun (died 1409)

Offspring 2:

Illegitimate Offspring :

Robert, priest in Liege and Cambrai

Philippe, canon in Lille and Kortrijk

Marie married Robert of Thiribu

Heraldic Coat of Arms: or, a lyon rampant sable, oppressed by a bastion gules. Described by George Beltz as Or, a lion rampant Sable, debruised by a bend engrailed Gules.

Knight of the Garter 1369, Stall 16, became a member of the order of the garter after the death of Robert Ufford

Robert undertook a journey to to Prussia and to the Holy Sepulcher and his uncle was Robert of Artois which gave him English sympathies so journeyed to meet Edward III in Calais. In 1346 Robert was introduced Edward III and queen Philippa at the siege of Calais and made a good impression on them. Roberts brother Guillaume, Count de Namur was fighting on the French side. Robert was in command with Henry of Lancaster of the English flagship Salle du Roy on 30 August 1350 when they defeated the Spanish at the battle of Les Espagnols-sur-mer, off Winchelsea. On 2 February 1354 Robert married Isabella de Hainault, sister to Queen Philippa and thus became brother in law to Edward III. Robert captured the castle d'Escanaffles in 1363. Robert brought with him to England Jean Froissart, whom he put at the disposal of Queen Philippa who became his Patron from 1361 until her death in 1369. In 1369 Robert defended the English camp at Tournehem against French attack. In 1369 Queen Philippa died and Jean Froissart returned to France in the employ of Robert. In 1370 Robert requested Jean Froissart to write a recent chronicle of the history of England, and Robert himself was able to provide some account of events. On 20 August 1371 Robert fought for Duke Wenceslas of Brabant commanding 2,000 men at the battle of Beasweiler, but was defeated and a ransom of 2000 moutons was placed upon him. In 1373 Jean Froissart completed his first book of the Chronicles and dedicated it to Robert de Namur. In 1384 Robert took part in the funeral of Louis III, earl of Flanders, at Los, an abbey near Lille, where they were dressed as if ready for battle, Robert had with him his nephew William de Namur.

Robert did not have any offspring with his wives but it is said that he may have had up to 9 children.

Memorials Of The Most Noble Order Of The Garter From Its Foundation To The Present Time, George Beltz, 1841

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