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Richard Pembridge 1338-1375

Also known as Pembrugge

Born: 1338 Bromscroft, Shropshire, England


Died: 1375


Parents: Richard Pembridge (died 1346, buried north aisle, All Saints Church, Clehonger, near Hereford, England )


Married: about 1361

Spouse: Elizabeth (born 1305 Bromscroft, Shropshire, England, died 16 September 1362)


Alice Pembrugge (born 1364) married John Burley

Heraldic Coat of Arms: Barry of six or and azure a bend gules

Knight of the Garter 1368, Stall 8, became a member of the order of the garter after the death of Thomas Ufford

Richard is also given a birth date of 1298 as it is said that he was 74 when made knight garter in 1368. Richard was present at the battle of Sluys 1340, the battle Creçy 1346 and the siege of Calais 1347. In 1353 Richard became a knight of the kings household and fought with Prince Edward at the Battle of Poitiers 1356, and a chamber knight between 1360 to 1372. In 1363 he conducted the King of Cyprus from Dover to London, and in 1364 the king of France. Richard refused to accept the office of Lieutenant/Deputy of Ireland, and as a result some of his offices and lands were taken from him. In 1367 Richard was appointed warden of the Cinque ports and captain of Bamburgh Castle. In 1370 Richard was made Constable of Dover. Richard was a close associate of William of Wykeham. Richard upon his death was buried according to his will, with an alabaster effigy, on the south side of the nave, Hereford Cathedral, Hereford, England. Richard had a garter effigy on his tomb, on his left leg, and has a mixture of plate and mail, a bascinet, and his head rests on a tilting helm, with a wreath of roses and plume of feathers. The effigy has suffered some damage over time, one leg being replaced by a wooden one in the Civil War, and replaced by a marble one in the 19th Century. The Effigy was originally displayed with Tabard helm and shield.

The Pembridge helm at the Royal museum of Scotland, Edinburgh is that of Richard Pembridge, and once hung over his tomb, and is one of the few surviving from the 14th Century.


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