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Richard Fitz-Simon 1295-1349

Born: 1295 in Dunmow, Essex, England


Died: about 1348/9




Married: 1335 in Dunmow, Essex, England

Spouse: Ada de Botetourte or Botetort or Botetourte (born 1294, Mendlesham, Suffolk, England, died May 1349 Dunmow, Essex, England, died of plague) married 1: (1313 in Eaton Hastings, Berkshire, England) Sir John de St. Philbert (born 1293, Sulham, Berkshire, England, died Feb 1333 in Gascogne, France) daughter of John de Botetourte and Matilda Fitz Thomas


Heraldic Coat of Arms: argent, three false escoccheons gules. Described by George Beltz as Argent, three inescocheons, two and one, Gules.

Knight of the Garter 1348, Founder Member, Stall 16

In 1344 Edward III appointed him under the Earl of Derby. He was Prince Edward's standard bearer at the battle of Crécy who put down the banner and drew his sword to stand over the prince when struck down, shouting "Edward and St George, to the kings son", and when support arrived again raised the banner. He was given a grant of £20 per annum after the battle and 100 marks for his work in the expedition.

Memorials Of The Most Noble Order Of The Garter From Its Foundation To The Present Time, George Beltz, 1841


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