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Ralph Basset of Drayton, 4th Baron of Drayton 1335-1390

Also called Bassett

Born: 1335 Drayton Basset, Staffordshire, England

Christened: 1343

Died: 10 May 1390

Buried: Lichfield Cathedral, Lichfield, Staffordshire, England

Parents: Ralph Basset ( born before 1319, died about 1335) married (22 May 1334 Heleigh, Staffordshire, England) Alice Audley (born about 1315 Heleigh, Staffordshire, England, died before 1359), Alice married 2: (before 4 March 1342/43) Hugh Meinill (died after 4 March 1342/43)


Isabel Basset (illegitimate, born before 1335) She married Sir Thomas Shirley

Married 1: May 1338?

Spouse 1: Joan Beauchamp daughter of Thomas Beauchamp, 3rd Earl of Warwick (born 14 February 1314, died 13 November 1369) married Katherine Mortimer (died 4 August 1369)

Offspring 1:

Married 2:

Spouse 2: Joan de Bretagne (died 8 November 1402, buried at Abbey of Lavendon, near Olney, Buckinghamshire, England) daughter of Jean de Montfort, Duc de Bretagne married (1329) Jeanne de Flandre (born about 1295, died 1374, Chartres)

Offspring 2:

Jane Basset (born about 1378 Glastonbury, Somerset, England) married John de Stourton  (born about 1340, died 1364)

Heraldic Coat of Arms: Or three piles gules a canton ermine. Described by George Beltz as Or, three piles, the points meeting in base, Gules, a quarter Ermine.

Crest: Out of a ducal coronet Or a boar's head Azure, a tusked of the first.

Knight of the Garter 1368, Stall 11, became a member of the order of the garter after the death of Lionel Plantagenet

Ralph was the 8th Ralph in his family lineage and in 1343 at the age of 8 succeeded his grandfather (the 7th Ralph), his father having already died in 1335. The family owned the Manor of Walsall. Ralph is said to have been at the battle Crecy and siege of Calais. In 1355 Ralph gave proof of his age and became the 4th Baron of Drayton, although Ralph is also often referred to as the 3rd Baron of Drayton. He fought in Bordeaux and was at the battle of Poitiers 19 September 1356, in the army of Prince Edward. On 25 December 1357 Ralph was summoned to Parliament. In 1361 Ralph was granted a license to travel to the Holy Land. Ralph campaigned again in Gascony during 1365, 1366 and 1368. Ralph fought in France in 1372-3 and 1377-8. On 15 December 1379 he was in the Fleet under John of Arundel which was shipwrecked on the Irish coast with the loss of 26 English ships. In 1380 Ralph had a retinue of 8 knights, 200 men at arms and 200 archers and was under the command of Thomas Plantagenet in France. In 1385 Ralph took part in the unsuccessful expedition of John of Gaunt to Spain. On 20 October 1386 he gave evidence in the Scrope and Grosvenor enquiry over the right to bear a particular coat of arms. Ralph made his will on 16 January 1390. When he died in 1390, the title Baron of Drayton became extinct.

Memorials Of The Most Noble Order Of The Garter From Its Foundation To The Present Time, George Beltz, 1841


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