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John Neville 3rd Baron Neville of Raby 1327-1388

Also known as John de Neville and John de Nevile

Born: about 1327/8/31/41 Raby With Keverstone, Durham, England


Died: 17 October 1388 Newcastle Upon Tyne, Northumberland, England

Buried: Durham Cathedral, Durham, England

Parents: Ralph de Neville (born 1291 Raby, Durham, England, died 5 August 1367 Raby, Durham, England, buried Durham Cathedral, Durham, England) married (14 January 1326 Stratton Audley, Oxfordshire, England, by royal License) Alice de Audley (born about 1304 Hadley, Staffordshire, England, died 11 January 1373/4 Greystoke, Northumberland, England, buried Durham Cathedral, Durham, England), Alice married 2: Ralph Greystock, 3rd Lord Greystock


Euphemia/Eupheme de Neville (born 1327 Raby, Durham, England, died October 1393) married (April 1343 Raby, Durham, England) Robert Clifford

Catherine de Neville (born 1330 Raby, Durham, England, died before 1 September 1361) married William de Dacre

Ralph de Neville (born 1332 Cundall, Yorkshire, England, died about 1380) married (about 1356 Gipton, Yorkshire, England) Elizabeth de Ledes

Thomas de Neville (born 1335 Raby, Durham, England) married Margaret Babington (born after 1341

Robert de Neville (born 1337 Eldon, Durham, England) married (about 1358 Eldon, England) Clara Pinkney

William de Neville (born 1338 Raby, Durham, England)

Eleanor de Neville (born 1340 Raby, Durham, England) married Geoffrey le Scrope

Alexander de Neville, Archbishop (born 1341 Raby, Durham, England, died 1392)

Margaret Neville (born 12 February 1341 Raby, Durham, England died 12 May 1372) married 1: (before 8 May 1341) William De Ros married 2: (12 July 1358) Henry Percy 1st Earl of Northumberland (born 10 Nov 1341, died 19 February 1407/8)

Elizabeth de Neville (born 1343 Raby, Durham, England)

Isabel de Neville (born 1344 Raby, Durham, England)

Married 1: July 1357 Alnwick, Northumberland, England

Spouse 1: Maud Percy (born 1335 Warkworth Castle, Alnwick, Northumberland, England, died 18 Febriuary 1378, buried Durham Cathedral, Durham, England), daughter of Sir Henry Percy, 2nd Lord Percy (born 6 February 1301 Alnwick, Northumbria, England, died: 25 February 1352, Alnwick, Northumbia, England) married (Yorkshire, England) Idoine Clifford (born 1303 Clifford, Herefordshire, England, died 24 Aug 1365)

Offspring 1:

Alice de Neville (born about 1358, died 20 June 1433) married (before 24 June 1380) William Deincourt, 3rd Lord Deincourt (born 26 December 1357, died 15 October 1381)

Eleanor  de Neville (born about 1360, died after1441) married (1379, Raby, Durham, England) Ralph de Lumley, 1st Lord Lumley (born about 1360, died January 1399/0)

Thomas de Neville, 5th Lord Furnivalle (born about 1362, died 24 March 1406) married 1: (before 1 July 1379) Joan de Furnevalle/Furnival, 5th Baroness Furnivalle married 2: (before 4 July 1401) Ankaret le Strange

Idina / Iolande/Idoine de Neville (born 1362 Raby With Keverstone, Durham, England)

Ralph de Neville, 1st Earl of Westmorland (born about 1364, died 21 October 1425 Raby Castle, Durham, Durham, England, buried October 1425 Collegiate Church, Staindrop, Durham, England) married 1: (about 1365) Margaret de Stafford Countess of Westmoreland (born 1364 Brancepath, Durham, England, died 9 June 1396 Raby, Durham, England) married 2: (before 29 November 1396) Joan de Beaufort Countess of Westmoreland (born about 1375, Beaufort Castle, Anjou, France, died 13 November 1440 Howden, Yorkshire, England, buried November 1440 Lincoln Cathedral, Lincolnshire, England)

Matilda de Neville (born beforte1367 Raby With Keverstone, Durham, England) married William le Scrope (died 1367)

Maud de Neville (born about 1369 Raby With Keverstone, Durham, England)

Elizabeth de Neville (born about 1369 Raby With Keverstone, Durham, England), became a nun

Alice de Neville (born 1371 Raby With Keverstone, Durham, England) married William Devereux

Married 2: before 9 October 1381

Spouse 2: Elizabeth Latimer, Baroness Latimer of Corby (born about 1330, died 5 November 1395) Elizabeth married 2: (after 1388) Robert de Willoughby, 4th Lord Willoughby de Eresby

Offspring 2:

John de Neville, 6th Lord Latimer (born 1382, died 10 December 1430) married Matilda de Clifford (born before 1391, died 26 August 1446) divorced (due to his impotence, "causa frigiditatis ejusdem")

Elizabeth de Neville, Baroness Latimer (born before 1388 ) married Thomas Willoughby (born before 1395, died 1417)

Heraldic Coat of Arms: gules, a saltire argent

Knight of the Garter 1369, Stall 10, became a member of the order of the garter after the death of Bartholomew Burghersh

John was a Captain under the command of his father Ralph Neville at the battle of Neville's Cross 17 October 1346. He was made a knight in 1360 and when his father died he became the 3rd Baron of Neville (also given as 5th Baron of Neville) on 5 August 1367. In 1368 he was a joint Ambassador to France and a joint commissioner to treat with Genoa in 1370. In July 1370 he was appointed Admiral of the North and between 1372 and 1381 he was Steward of the kings household. In 1372 John bought Witherwick Manor from Thomas Fauconberg. John arrived at Brest in October 1372 with 400 Men at Arms and 400 Archers. Between 1377 and 1383 John jointly held the title of Warden of the Marches, and in December 1377 became constable of Bamburgh Castle for life. Sheriff Hutton castle bacame part of the Neville family in 1377 and also obtained a charter to hold a market on Monday and an anual fair on 14 September. John in 1378 was granted a permission and a license to build Raby Castle. John was appointed Senescal of Gascony in 1378 and also in 1378 constable of Fronsac castle, France. In 1378 John successfully defended Guienne against the French. On September 18 1378 John relieved the siege of Mortagne. In 1381 John was appointed Warden of the East Marches and again in 1385/6. In 1382 John was granted a license to Crenellate Sheriff Hutton castle. John was made a joint commisioner to negotiate with the Scots in 1383 and 1386/7.

John had an alabaster tomb in the south aisle of the Nave with his wife Matilda, at Durham Cathedral, Durha, England, and donated 200 pounds of silver to provide a new base of marble for St Cuthberts shrine. John also spent 500 marks on a screen behind the main altar which became known as the Neville Screen.

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