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Hugh Wrottesley 1318-1381

Also known as de Wrottesley

Born: 1314/18, Wrottesley, Staffordshire, England


Died: 23 January 1381


Parents: William de Wrottlesley (died 1320) married Joan Basset, daughter of Sir Roger Basset


Married 1:

Spouse 1: Elizabeth de Hampton (daughter of Sir John de Hampton)

Offspring 1:

Married 2:

Spouse 2: Mabel ap Rees, daughter of Sir Philip ap Rees

Offspring 2:

Hugh, died young

Married 3:

Spouse 3: Isabella de Arderne, daughter of Sir John de Arderne

Offspring 3:

Hugh, died young

John de Wrottesley (born 1379?, died 1403) married (10 April) 1385 Elizabeth Standish, daughter of Sir Robert Standish

Heraldic Coat of Arms: Or, three piles sable, a quarter ermine. Described by George Beltz as Or, three piles Sable, a canton Ermine.

Knight of the Garter 1348, Founder Member, Stall 19

Sir Hugh Wrottesley had a qaurter ermine from his mother.

Hugh was in Flanders in 1338. John de Perton, 14th Century son of a wealthy landowning family, was killed by Sir Hugh Wrottesley following a long standing family and property feud. Adam de Pershale, Another contemporary and rival of Sir Hugh Wrottesley petitioned the King, Richard II, about Sir Hugh’s continuous attempts to ambush him! John Wollaston (born 1287, died 1338) married Margaret Lord of Trysul, an assessor and collector of taxes for Staffordshire and Comissioner of Array was killed by Hugh de Wrottesley and his men.

Memorials Of The Most Noble Order Of The Garter From Its Foundation To The Present Time, George Beltz, 1841


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