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MCS Battle of Agincourt visit 2007


"A crash course on the 14th Century", Charles Oldham

The Time Travelers Guide to Medieval England

A Handbook for visitors to the Fourteeneth Century

Ian Mortimer


Ian Mortimer brings to life the 14th Century with his enthusiastic portrayal of medieval life. His descriptions bring to life the sounds, sights and smells of medieval England.


For those new to the 14th Century, it gives a good introduction, and for those who have studied, it is a valuable source of information.

No stone is left unturned from Royalty to the peasant, and the issues that still concern us today such as food, drink, crime, music, health. hygiene, inequality, fashion, wages, tax and money.



"you would be crazy to think you could engage a fourteenth-century man in combat"

"Besides, you would be crazy to think you could engage a fourteenth-century man in combat and have a chance of surviving. Most of them are much stronger than you. From the age of six or seven the knights have been taught to fight, first with a wooden sword, then with the genuine article. Many of them are proficient jousters by the age of sixteen. You will not be able to compete. Nor will you be able to compete with the longbow. Most northern lads learn how to shoot a bow from the age of seven."


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