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Founded in 1970 by a group of enthusiastic people who wanted to enjoy fighting and re-enacting the Medieval period to raise money for charity. The MCS is a non profit making society run by the members for fun and enjoyment and dedicated to the safe re-enactment of medieval combat and recreation of life in the 14th Century during the period of King Edward III of England.


About the Heraldry and Motto

The Latin Motto of the Medieval combat society displayed on its heraldic coat of arms is Sic Transit Gloria Mundi, Thus passes away the glory of the world.

sic: so, thus

transit: crossing, passing over

gloria : fame, renown, glory.

mundi: world

Knights in battle



Meet the Committee

Knighting Ceremony


The committee is elected each year. To contact them please email;




Tournament Director




Knight and Squire

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